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have the deejay play "thriller," do your zombie dance. how about i pop the question after you guys pull away in the limo? delightful. as long as you can see the back of my head, you can humiliate yourself and everyone around you. i can't believe you don't want to witness the disaster. video it with your cell phone. well, that is a given. my only question is, when i put it on youtube, should i add a car crash or a "wah-wah-wah"? jack: hey, fellas, how's everything going in here?
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uh, fine, dad. can i talk to you for a second? sure. all right, what's going on with you and mom? we're getting along, enjoying each other's company. isn't that what you wanted? what i heard through the walls last night is nothing close to what i wanted. so what, you're just gonna leave your wife and move back with mom? kind of romantic, huh? like one of those movies where the couple realizes they were always meant to be together. see, i was thinking more friday the 13th or saw, where you cut off your own arm to escape the pain. all right, buddy, let's go over your vows. we'll see you in the church, mr. biggs. have a boutonniere. thanks for pulling me out of there. i was gonna lose it. i mean, he walks out on the two of us, and 20 years later thinks he can pick up right where he left off. let it go. this day is about you, molly, and nobody else. hey, mike, sorry to bother you, but have you heard from molly? she's not here yet, and we're starting to get a little worried about her. what? she's not here? just breathe. everything's gonna be fine. she will be here. christina, will you marry me?
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wah-wah-wah... victoria: hello? hello? anyone? i got no bars. that's the battery! oh. i got no battery. can i borrow your phone? yeah, it's in my back pocket. you don't have any pockets. exactly. excuse me, sir, can we borrow your cell phone? victoria, i don't think he has a phone. here you go. but i think we might be in a dead spot. come on, it's bad luck for a bride to miss her own wedding. hang on a second, i think i have a friend who lives in this neighborhood. you're kidding. what is he, a bail bondsman or a drug dealer? well, he's not a bail bondsman. any sign of molly yet? no, but everything else is under control. flynns on the left, biggs on the right. did you know that you both have aunts that look like uncles?
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oh, my aunt frida made it? he did. so you don't love me and you don't want to marry me? carl, this is not the time or the place. (sighs) why do you let me do these things?! this will cut together beautifully! hey, have you heard anything from molly? i'm sure everything's fine. we left her with victoria. mrs. flynn, no disrespect, but you know those two sentences don't go together. yeah, even as i said it, i wasn't buying it. vince: listen, since your bride is a no-show, what do you say joyce and i step in? i'm not letting you have my wedding, vince. come on! if i don't marry that crazy broad right away, she's gonna ruin my life! no deal. fine! i'm taking back my popcorn popper. molly...! is it just me or does your car smell like french fries?
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this vehicle's a hundred percent biodiesel. that's the corn oil you're smelling. corn oil? yeah. one of my customers manages a mcdonald's, and we've worked out kind of a barter system. i keep him in weed, and he keeps me in cooking grease and those tasty little apple pies. victoria: oh, i love those things. do we have time to stop? no! i am a half an hour late for my wedding. does this car go faster than four miles per hour? not if you care about the earth it doesn't. screw the earth and hit the gas, hippie! (quietly): wow, your sister's kind of a buzzkill. (whispers): i know. grandma: ♪ oh, the marriage of your spirits here ♪ ♪ has caused him to remain ♪ for whenever two or more of you ♪ ♪ are gathered in his name ♪ there is love... ♪ love, love, love, love ♪
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♪ mm... ♪ there is love... (mouthing) i'm all out of wedding songs. how about something from the book of saint aretha? just follow me, and y'all try to keep up. man: all right. okay. come on. (organ plays intro to "think") ♪ you better think ♪ think ♪ ♪ think about what you're trying to do to me ♪ ♪ hey, hey, think, think ♪ and let your mind go and let yourself be free ♪ ♪ let's go back, let's go back ♪ let's go way on way back when ♪ ♪ i didn't even know you, you couldn't have been ♪ ♪ too much more than ten ♪ just a child ♪ ♪ i ain't no psychiatrist, i ain't no doctor ♪ ♪ with degrees ♪ no degrees ♪ ♪ but it don't take too much high i.q. ♪ ♪ to see what you're doing to me ♪
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♪ you better think ♪ think ♪ ♪ think about what you're trying to do to me, hey, hey... ♪ carl, i'm not ready to get married again. ever? i don't know. i... i can't answer that question. i just want to enjoy what we have right now. of course you enjoy it. you got some idiot following you around, telling you he loves you, and you don't have to say "boo"" do you think it was easy for me not to tell you i love you? i just don't wanna move too fast and lose what we've got. so you dolove me? yes, carl... i love you. (laughing): she said it! ha! did you get that one, spike lee? come on, y'all! ♪ think ♪ think about ♪ ♪ let your mind be free ♪ come on, think, yeah ♪ think, think about ♪ ♪ what you're trying to do to me ♪ ♪ yeah, come on... so now that i'm back in the picture, i think the groom's mother and father should walk down the aisle together. mm. that'd be sweet, wouldn't it? pick up right where we left off. kind of romantic, huh? oh, yeah. jack, i've been waiting 20 years to tell you this.
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i'm dumpin' you. what? i don't understand. i thought last night we found our old spark. nope, that was a little taste of the sweet nectar you dumped down the drain 20 years ago. now, take that and those hairless white legs of yours back to florida and your whore. so you did all this to set me up and then break my heart? well, i was hoping your ticker would blow up while you were doing your dirty business, but this is almost as sweet. ♪ whoo! think about ♪ ow! think about, think ♪ come on, think ♪ think ♪ ♪ think about what you're trying to do to me ♪ ♪ hey, hey, think, think ♪ let your mind go and let yourself be free ♪ i knew it was too good to be true. what was i thinking? some big load likee was actually gonna marry that beautiful princess? all right, she's gonna be here; she loves you. she wised up just in time and realized she could do a lot better. did you skip breakfast? somebody got a snickers bar? yes. all my life, i've been dreaming about a woman like her.
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maybe that's all this is; it's just a dream. you're not supposed to get everything you want in life. why not? i did. (exhales) where the hell have you been? don't ever leave me alone again. (chuckles) this has been the worst 24 hours of my life. yeah? it hasn't exactly been a walk in the park for me, either. although we did walk through a very scary park. you want to get married? i do, i really do. and if i get hit by lightning between here and the altar, which, based on the day i've been having, could actually happen... i just want you to know that you are the love of my life. right back at you. by the way, you smell amazing. it's french. all right, we got a full squad. let's this thing! (grandma continues singing) she's here! bring it home, nana!
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11:15 pm make me smile when i'm sad, feel safe when i'm scared, (choked up): i never feel alone, even when i am alone. you are my rock and my strength. you are my heart, my life and my love. (laughs) (whispers): okay, it's your turn. oh. mike: okay, here goes. i promise to cherish every moment with you. i promise to never let a day go by without telling you how much i love you and how much richer my life is with you in it. molly flynn, i love you,
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and every moment of my life has meaning because i do. brother heywood: and by the power vested in me, i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride. (laughs) (cheering and whooping) captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. drive one. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> tonight, the trail has apparently gone cold in the case of a 17-year-old prince george's county girl murdered in her own home. tonight the cops are opening
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the investigation to the public. they are desperately looking for a break who may lead them to whoever killed amber stanley. >> matt jablow joins us from police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: police aren't the only ones hoping for a big break. amber stanley's mother is pleading with members of the public to come forward with information. it was an incredible show of love and support and concern. >> we need help. >> reporter: nearly three weeks after 17-year-old amber stanley. >> she was beautiful, she was smart. >> reporter: was found shot to death in her prince george's county home, residents filled the community center to hear police talk about their efforts to solve the case. >> we're talking to everybody that we can in the shopping centers. >> reporter: efforts that now include a significant out reach to the public for information that could lead to an arrest. >> we need the community to pull together. >> reporter: irma gaither is amber stanley's mother. she says she has no idea who killed her daughter. >> i'm at a loss.
11:19 pm
>> reporter: a young woman whom she described as talented and loving and whose absence has made her life extremely paperful. >> i miss her. that's my baby. i'm just waiting to wake up. i'm hoping it's a horrible dream. i'm walking around waiting to wake up. >> reporter: should you have any information about the person or perhaps people responsible for amber stanley's murder you're asked to call crime stoppers at 1-866-411- tips. derek, anita? >> matt, let's hope it brings leads. new at 11:00, two years after a catholic university grad student was murdered his killer has been brought to justice. today eric foreman was found guilty of murdering neil godleski. it happened in the sherman circle neighborhood. foreman will be sentenced in november. tonight, d.c. police want you to take a good look at surveillance video. they are hoping that it will lead them to the person that opened fire inside a northeast rite aid store. it happened before 9:30 sunday
11:20 pm
night in the 1400 block of rhode island avenue. a store employee was shot in the leg. police are calling the man in the striped shirt in the video a person of interest. >> there's no reason for this shooting that we know of right now. it does not appear to be a robbery. our indications right now are we don't know what the motive was. >> back in april another employee at the same rite aid was shot during an attempted robbery. police made an arrest in that case. anyone with information about this person of interest from last night's shooting, they're asking you to call 202-727- 9099. also new tonight at 11:00, the ncaap says a combination of racism has led to a pattern of civil rights abuses by the maryland police department and it's asking the justice department to get involved. gary nurenberg is here with that. >> reporter: derek, some long time residents of laurel said it is a problem they have lived
11:21 pm
with for decades. tonight they asked the city council there to do something about it. it wasn't subtle. >> our police officers are racist. they've done took off their klan uniforms and put on their badge and gun. >> reporter: the precipitating incidentas last month when a laurel struck three times in the head a handcuffed suspect. >> we will no longer accept or put up with the behavior of the city of laurel police department. >> reporter: they believe their concerns have not been taken seriously. >> they want to scrape it under the rug and think that this will go away. this is not going to go away. >> reporter: they took their complaints to a monday night city council meeting where they were promised all allegations will be investigated. >> if there are some bad apples out there, we're going to take care of the bad apples. >> reporter: the police chief says both citizen and police have to do a better job of communicating with one another and says without working on it, the trend will make it worse.
11:22 pm
>> there's lack of communication skills, there's lack of interpersonal skills amongst the younger generations. >> what do you do about that, sir? >> i don't know. if you come up with a fix, let me know. >> reporter: richard mcglof lien, the chief of the laurel police department was the mayor of the city of laurel. laurel has taken a number of steps, increasing the availability of complaint forms. it's talking about establishing more effective citizen advising groups. it faces a $3 million lawsuit for the upside of the head smacks you just saw. one minister suggested when the government has to pay up in a lawsuit like that that some of the money come from an officer's paycheck. derek? >> the cops won't like that one. thank you. new at 11:00 as well, this woman is the victim of a bizarre crime. she was sitting at a bus stop in silver spring when a man tazed her on the leg and then ran off with her cell phone. it happened at the intersection
11:23 pm
of bucknell drive and pritchard road. police are looking for the perpetrator. a toddler died after falling into the family swimming pool. it happened before noon in the 17,200 block of olney. his nanny found the boy and started yelling for help. a neighbor pulled the child out and started performing cpr. paramedics were able to keep the boy alive but he died at the hospital. as of now police don't expect to file any criminal charges. tens of thousands of people lost power during this weekend's storm. remember those pepco customers who were outraged about what happened to them after the other one. tonight 9 wants you to know it's about to happen again. investigative reporter russ ptacek breaks that story. >> he joins us now with what he just learned today. >> reporter: state regulators say this weekend's storm qualifies for that special rule
11:24 pm
that allows pepco to charge customers for the delivery of power they did not receive because of the outage. when we exposed the law that makes this possible after the durate show, consumers railed on regulators and are demanding change. the ruling allows utilities to recover partial monies lost after an outage. they say pepco can again for this storm ask customers to pay back the fees lost when they were disconnected. during the summer storm, city officials estimate they'll be billing customers over a milliondollars. it will average a dollar a customer charging not for the electricity but for the electrical delivery fee they couldn't charge because customers couldn't get electricity. pepco wouldn't respond to our questions today. i bet you want to know how much you're going to be seen in your bill. well, although pepco claimed it
11:25 pm
has the charge, state regulators tell me pepco does not identify the billing separately. as for how much pepco could pocket for this weekend's outage, an answer to that could take months. we're 9 wants to know, i'm investigative reporter railroads russ ptaceking, wusa. a shot at perry hill hospital is out of the hospital. a boy who has down's syndrome was excited to play with his dog and watch the ravens game. he was shot on august 27. 15-year-old robert gladden is facing charges. american express is suing the maryland man who's companion disappeared in aruba last year. that lawsuit seeks to void a travel insurance policy that he took out in robin gardener's name before the trip. he claims she merely disappeared while the two were snorkeling but she has never been found. american express says the plies is void because the two weren't
11:26 pm
married, related or business partners. new tonight at 11:00, we have the dashcam video of a standoff between police and a white supremacist at a sikh temple in wisconsin. six people were killed in the shooting rampage last month. the gunman exits the temple and sees the lieutenant. they spot each other and open fire. murphy is shot in the throat and crawls behind a car for cover. the gunman keeps firing shooting murphy 15 times. he survives. another officer then pulls up. >> i saw the individual coming at me and something that i had a sensthat this was not right. he was coming at me. the way he was marching at me was an aggressive matter. >> rifle in hand, he gets out of his car yelling for the gunman to drop his weapon. a bullet strikes his windshield and he fires back. the gunman falls to the ground but fires one last time,
11:27 pm
killing himself. oak creek's police chief says linda's actions prevented even more people from losing their lives. teachers in chicago are out on strike, and today 29,000 of them walked off the job. of course, that left the parents scrambling. >> one, two, three, four, what are we fighting for? contracts. >> apparently what they're fighting for in this contract dispute are teacher evaluations, rehiring laid-off teachers and benefits changes. the union objects to plans that would base teacher job performance on testing results, and that could lead to 6,000 teachers losing their jobs. chicago's mayor is urging negotiators to come up with a new contract quickly for the sake of the kids. president obama and mitt romney are focusing on voters in a handful of swing states. romney was in ohio today. president obama leads his republican challenger by 5 points in that state. that is why romney was focusing on voters number one issue, the economy. >> he does not have a plan.
11:28 pm
his idea is the that obama care and a stimulus are all we need. i don't want obama care and i don't want another stimulus like the last one. >> president obama is facing questions now about how he would be able to work with the republican congress in the second term. he told cbs news scott pelly he is ready to compromise to tackle the debt. >> i'm also willing, by the way, to make some adjustments to medicare and medicaid that would strengthen the programs. >> the president raised more campaign cash than romney did in august as well. now, this is the first time that's happened in four months. do you like to keep your house spotless? there may be a down side. what one group labeled the toxic side of clean. that's next. plus the new guidelines that could have doctors changing the way they treat you the next time you've got a sore throat. only 77 today. it's like somebody flipped the switch and we are in fall. here's your wakeup weather.
11:29 pm
i've got a jacket on tonight. i would recommend a jacket or sweater for the kids. 49 to 59 at 5:00. by 7:00, 48 to 58. our coldest morning in three months. by 9:00, still cool, 54 to 64. we'll see if the humidity is going to stay low and comfortably warm for the rest of the week.
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tonight's health alert is all about the way we clean our home. the consumer watchdog group is out with a new guide that rates the safety of household cleaning products including those labeled natural or green. >> unfortunately, unlike other consumer products such as cosmetics or food, manufacturers of cleaning products are notrequired to disclose the ingredients on the label or elsewhere. >> reporter: she's of the environmental working group and says the ingredients left off the bottle can be toxic and even cause cancer. researchers examined more than 2,000 cleaning products, looking for ingredients on labels, websites. >> we've come up with a grading
11:32 pm
system that scores products on an a through f scale. >> more than half of household ingredients irritate the lungs which could trigger asthma, but you wouldn't know it by reading the label. even though advertised as natural or green aren't necessarily more forthcoming. >> there are no regulatory definitions of natural or green. so a product could list an ingredient like a plants-based ingredient. we don't really know what that ingredient is. >> among the worst culprits, according to pwg, spick-and- span surface and floor cleaner which has ingredients banned in europe. tarrytar remover has a carcinogen. nearly 15% of the products score badly because of
11:33 pm
carcinogens. but the american cleaning institute describes the ewg's guide as a smear campaign. >> if you use the products properly like you're supposed to, you can be sure it will do what it says it will do and they can continue to have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of these products. >> sam says these products undergo extensive safety tests. if consumers want to know more about the ingredients, the information is listed on company websites. >> there's only so much room on a label. again the most important information is the safety and usage information. >> and there is an important take home message. read the warning labels. this product i have here has both bleach and disinfect tent. it says if you've got asthma don't use it and wear gloves if you have sensitive skin. if you want to see the complete scorecard, including those products they deem the most benign, go to the health page of our website, millions of us visit the doctor every year oftentimes
11:34 pm
with a sore throat and many times we want those antibiotics for kids. that could be changing. the infectious diseases society of america says viruses are behind almost all infections and antibiotics won't help. they're only beneficial if strep is the cause. the new glints advise against removing children's tonsils just because they suffer from recurring throat infections. the risks of surgery aren't usually worth it. of course, it's always good for a strep culture as well if you end up at the pediatrician. >> i've still got my tonsils. we're looking at somebody flipped a switch. looks like fall. 77. >> it's so nice. >> it is fantastic. open the windows tonight, but not too much. pretty chilly. a live look outside. our michael and son live weather cam. high with 77. 65 downtown. that's not that
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